The Nantucket Basket

August 14, 2019

Nantucket Basket

Michelle, Nantucket Collection Owner

During the Whaling Era on Nantucket, the men on the ships had a lot of down time. To pass the time, the men began to make baskets while out at sea. The baskets would become known as The Nantucket Lightship Basket. The baskets were weaved with rattan (also known as cane) on a mold and have a solid wooden base. 

Nantucket Basket Products from The Nantucket Collection

For more information on the history of The Nantucket Lightship basket click below to visit the Nantucket Basket Museum website. If you haven't visited the museum, I would highly suggest it- it's a very interesting look at history and amazing to see the intricate and detailed designs of the baskets.  Also it's a short picturesque walk from town at the corner of Union Street & Weymouth Lane.

nantucket basket products

With a love of the Nantucket Basket, The Nantucket Collection has a terrific selection of Nantucket basket products and gifts. Our kitchen and entertaining line has been quite popular with the Nantucket basket motif.

Nantucket Basket Notes

Nantucket Basket Stationery & Gift Tags

The perfect stationery for the Nantucket Basket lover! You will love our sweet personalized Nantucket flat notes bordered by a pretty raspberry pink

Nantucket Basket gift Tags
An adorable way to gift your special packages & add the perfect touch are our WH Hostess Nantucket basket shaped gift tags.

Nantucket Desk Calendar 

Our Nantucket Desk Calendar is a rolling calendar, which means you can start it any month you would like. Also it can be personalized if you like. Making it a terrific gift!

Nantucket Desk Calendar with Nantucket Basket
Nantucket Basket Gift Cards

Nantucket Basket Enclosure Cards

How sweet are these folded Nantucket basket enclosure cards by WH Hostess! Too cute! We also carry a Folded note with The Nantucket Basket. A great gift for the Nantucket basket lover!

A sharp and classic way to show your love of The Nantucket Basket is this beautiful brass Nantucket basket door knocker by Paquette Designs, made in the USA.
To shop click the Nantucket images below and you will be directed to our online shop.
Nantucket Basket Door Knocker

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