Hydrangea Love

October 31, 2019

Nantucket Hydrangea


For hydrangea lovers, Nantucket is a dream! In the summer, the island overflows with gorgeous hydrangeas of all colors. The hydrangea flourishes on Nantucket due to its perfect climate for the flower. Nantucket morning typically have a wonderful morning mist for flowers and the coastal air with occasional summer rains. ‘Hydrangea’ is derived from Greek and means ‘water vessel’. A favorite around the world for floral arrangements and bridal bouquets. 


The hydrangea originates from Eastern Asia and comes in hundreds of varieties. There 6 variations primarily in the United States-Smooth hydrangeas, Panicle hydrangeas, Bigleaf hydrangeas, Mountain hydrangeas, Oak-leaf hydrangeas and Climbing hydrangeas. Hydrangeas can be planted in part shade but need six hours of full sun to flower well. The best sun for them is morning sun since it’s not as intense. Given their root word ‘hydra’ they love water. If yours are looking sad and wilted, just give them a nice drink of water and they will perk right back up. The hydrangea is also fun since it can change colors depending on the PH of the soil. 

Flowers on Chestnut on Nantucket always has a beautiful supply of hydrangea love! 

Hydrangea's come in many shades from  white, pink, beautiful blues to green. 

It’s always such a treat while on Nantucket to pop into Flowers on Chestnut. They have the most gorgeous flowers and are usually busy working on gorgeous centerpieces for events or weddings. Be sure to visit upstairs, they have a beautiful home decor department. 

The Nantucket Basket & Hydrangeas  

An iconic pairing has been the Nantucket Lighthouse basket and the hydrangea. They go beautifully together. Often times used together in summer centerpieces and the subject of countless Nantucket paintings. To jazz up my front door, I found this cute Nantucket basket from one of my favorite shops, BonTon and used a couple faux hydrangeas to pull the look together. 

Hydrangea Love

Charming & Sweet 


If you're coming to Nantucket to see the beautiful hydrangeas and roses, the best time is the end of last week of June and the first week of July they are at their best.  If you come in the begining of June of times the hydrangeas have not bloomed yet. The season for climbing roses on Nantucket is sadly rather short. They bloom from mid June and are pretty much all done mid July. The Nantucket rose and hydrangea are truly breathtaking together! 


I fell in love with Diane James luxury floral line years ago. Given the white hydrangea is my favorite color while living in New York City, I searched for the finest faux hydrangea floral arrangement. I found Diane James and was blown away by how realistic they look. They are made in the USA, in Connecticut and each arrangement is put together by hand. The flowers they use are the best and their faux water is also what sets them apart from competitors. It’s so incredibly realistic. I’ve had my first white hydrangea arrangement for six years and people still ask me if it’s real! This by far was on of my smartest home decor purchases. 

I love having fresh flowers around my house and found I was spending around $20 a week on bouquets from whole foods or Traders Joes. Yes, the Diane James arrangement is an investment at $420 (on sale right now on our site for $375!) but after doing the math on my weekly flower purchases I’ve saved a ton after purchasing my white hydrangea arrangement lives on our kitchen table. It makes such a sharp and classic statement everyday. It’s my ‘go-to special gift’ for weddings, big birthdays and anniversaries. Also great for the hard to buy for person that has everything!


Heavenly White 

Nantucket Blue 

Green & White 


Our collection of watercolor hydrangea prints by Susan O'Neil beautifully depict Nantucket's iconic hydrangea locations.  Everywhere you turn on Nantucket, you will see a gorgeuous array of hydrangea bushes.  There are a couple spots on the island though that always the darlings of visitors every year! In the Cliff neigborhood you will see many beautiful white shell driveways-one in particular in the painting to the left is the famous Nantucket hydrangea driveway Steps Beach enterance on Lincoln Circle. Countless bloggers and catalogs use it as a backdrop for their shoots! In town, the sweet cottage named 'Hunky Dory' is always a classic favorite, the epitoime of a perfect Nantucket cottage.  Old North Wharf pictured on the lower right is a special tucked away area of town that is a favorite harbor view of many. 

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